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Previous and Current Work


"Romano Cagnoni was one of the leading war photographers of the 20th century.
His photographs were published on the cover and front page of almost every major magazine and in the most influential newspapers in Europe and the United States.
He has survived more than 50 years of wars and conflicts while managing to tell their story from a unique point of view.
This is his last interview."

Production: Travel Media House

Distribution: Sky Arte, Off the Fences

Role: Editor



"Traveling is an ambition to be fulfilled at all costs. Telling stories is a mission.

We explore the world with travel videomakers who take us to the most remote and fascinating corners of the globe.
We asked videomaker friends around the world to tell us about their favorite adventures.
The resulting first 20 episodes break us out through sensational images of travel by foot, canoe, public transportation and crowds, e-bike, Soviet truck, and swimming down African rivers."

Production: Travel Media House

Distribution: Rai 3, Rai Play

Role: Editor

Locandina videomakers.png


"A hidden world lies in the unassuming Italian countryside. Citizens of Damanhur, one of the largest esoteric communities on Earth, live an entirely different life to those on the outside. But why did the police raid their secretive network of underground temples? And when two friends move to Damanhur seeking a spiritual awakening, why does one eventually decide to cut ties with the community?"

Production: Travel Media House

Role: Editor

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"In 2015, at the age of 29, a fulminating meningitis permanently upset Andrea Lanfri's life. Nonetheless, that terrible event did not break his spirit. He immediately put on prosthetic legs and became one of the most awarded Paralympic athletes of the Italian national team. Then, the call of the mountains was heard again: the Alps, the Andes, the Himalayas. 

Andrea is now facing his hardest challenge yet, reach the peak of Everest, 8849 meters. He has been preparing for this adventure for years. However, the laws of the mountains do not respond to the wishes of man. In fact, any adverse weather condition can force the mountaineer to give up on their challenge. But Andrea has no intention of backing down and he will do everything to engrave his daring record in history, being the first man to have ever climbed Everest without two legs and seven fingers.

As he would say: "touch the sky with three fingers"."

Production: Travel Media House

Role: Assistant Editor



"Franco Collé and Jonas Russi are two legends of the Tor des Géants, one of the most extreme trail running races in the world. Their victory was boosted thanks to a deep friendship built up step by step along the 330 Kilometers over the extraordinary paths of the Aosta Valley"

Production: Travel Media House

Role: Director and Editor

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